Does my insurance provide coverage if I rent a car?

When your customers rent a car, the rental company will usually offer them liability and damage coverage through their insurance that can be purchased from the rental company. It isn’t always necessary to purchase this coverage, as most standard auto policies extend their coverage limits to any vehicle driven on occasion by the insured. Whether or not your customer is covered will vary policy to policy.
The Hanover’s Platinum Auto Elite makes sure they’re covered. With this feature, if your customer has an accident in a rented auto, The Hanover will pay (in addition to paying for the damage to the rented auto):

  • Loss-of-use: The rental value of the duration the car is out of service for which you are liable
  • Diminished value: The difference in the car’s resale value after it has been repaired
  • Reasonable fees: The expenses the rental company incurs processing the claim for which you are liable