Retirement and Estate Planning Professionals in MA

Two Essential Components of Financial Well-being

Through its advisors, The Amherst Financial Services Division of The Nathan Agencies stands ready to help you make informed choices for two of your most important financial planning activities:

Retirement planning: Put in place the investment and insurance products you need to help your financial well-being during your retirement years.

Estate planning: Have plans in place that will help your heirs, upon your death, retain as much as possible of the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate.

Retirement Planning Concerns

Today’s retirees enjoy longer life spans and more active lifestyles than ever before. This means retirement planning is more important than ever. Here are some of the issues you may want to consider regarding this important topic:

  • Paying for retirement: You may want to consider whether the amount you are saving will generate adequate income for an extended retirement in which you can enjoy the lifestyle you desire. When should you start saving for retirement? How much should you save? What if you’re self-employed? Our advisors can help you determine what investment products will help meet your savings needs based on your objectives for your retirement years.
  • Health Care: The rising cost of health care is of concern to everyone who is considering retirement. How can your health affect your ability to save hard-earned retirement assets? What about health care costs not covered by traditional systems? The need for long-term custodial care may easily erode an entire lifetime of savings. From disability insurance to long-term care insurance and Medicare supplemental plans, our advisors can help you make the right choices.
  • Housing: Where will you live? Should you pay off your mortgage? What about assisted living? The answers to these questions may depend on your health, income and ability to maintain a lifestyle.
  • Retirement Stages: One of the difficulties in retirement planning is that those who find themselves in the “sandwich” generation may find that they have multiple goals and needs within a similar time period. Between college funding, providing care for aging parents, and taking care of their own needs, it is often difficult to know where to start. Retirement planning may involve investment planning, long-term care planning, life insurance strategies, and estate planning. Retirement may have many stages beginning with traveling and simplifying life to the later years requiring assistance in daily living. Planning for the proper income stream for these specific areas is very important. These decisions are best made after researching your options and perhaps consulting with a qualified professional.

Estate Planning Concerns

You may have done a great job establishing a sound portfolio of investments and are set to enjoy a comfortable retirement, but what happens upon your demise? Will lack of prior planning create a burden for your family when you’re gone?

Estate planning is the process of determining the value of your assets and income at your death and calculating the various settlement costs involving taxes and probate. Estate planning may also include the transfer of assets and a plan for the care of minor children.

A discussion of estate planning with one of The Nathan Agencies’ qualified estate planning advisors typically includes three components:

  • The creation of the estate, based upon a valuation of earnings, investments and life insurance protection.
  • Preservation of the estate, a calculation illustrating the effect of inflation and taxation on its value.
  • The distribution of the estate, including the consultation on formation of wills or trusts, title arrangements and beneficiary designations to insure a proper and timely transfer.
  • Estate planning generally requires a team approach. Our advisors will perform a pivotal role in the process by engaging other trusted professionals, such as an estate planning attorney and accountant, in the discussion.

For help in answering your questions about retirement and estate planning, please contact the Financial Planning Specialists at The Nathan Agencies or call us today at (413) 253-5555. Legal, tax or Medicare services are not offered through The Nathan Agencies or supervised by Lincoln Investment or Capital Analysts.