Home Insurance in Amherst, MA

Homeowner, Renter, and Condo

Amherst Insurance serves individuals and families throughout Massachusetts by providing insurance for homeowners, condominium owners, and apartment dwellers. The biggest investment most people will ever make is their home. It is vital to protect this sizable financial investment with a comprehensive homeowners insurance plan.

Most homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for your home, its contents, and other structures such as a garage or shed. Your home’s contents are typically covered against fire, lightning, theft, windstorms and hail, smoke, damage by a vehicle or aircraft, burst pipes, damage from falling objects, and damage caused by snow and ice. In addition, coverage is provided for personal liability, including the cost of legal representation, and medical payments to others.

In this day and age, it is important to have the right coverage to protect your home and other valuable possessions. Whether you live in a single family home or a condominium, please allow us to assist you in determining the coverage that best fits your insurance needs. We provide comprehensive protection for your home and valued possessions, including special coverage for jewelry, paintings, antiques, cameras and just about any kind of collectible or fine art.

Do You Rent Your Home?

Even when you don’t own your residence, you still need insurance protection. A renter’s insurance policy protects your personal property in case of loss through fire, theft or vandalism both on and off the premises and also provides personal liability coverage. We can help you put the necessary coverage in place that will best protect you.

For complete information on homeowners or renter’s insurance, please call us at (413) 253-5555 or contact our Home Insurance Specialists today.


Homeowner, Renter, and Condo Insurance FAQ

How much does home insurance cost?

The cost of home insurance is based on many factors, including: the age and size of your house, as well as the style and quality of the structure. Additional factors include the cost to rebuild the house in your geographical area. Also, the proximity of your home to the coast and distance to a fire hydrant and fire stations.  Many insurance companies also look at your claims history and at your insurance score (your credit score factors into this as well).

What home insurance covers

Home insurance covers losses due to myriad perils, including fire, wind, snow, theft and vandalism. It can also include damage or loss to your personal property, as well as liability claims for which you might be sued (these can include slips and falls, as well as libel and slander).

How to do home insurance claims work?

When you have a claim —  whether or not it is your property or if you are getting sued — you should notify your agent or insurance company. They will assign an adjuster who will contact you and review with you your case and all of its issues. Your adjustor will provide an estimate to repair damages (less your deductible). If you have a liability claim the insurance company will assign an attorney to represent you and the company in settling the claim.

Does home insurance cover roof leaks?

Insurance covers roof leaks caused by wind, falling debris (branches) hail, snow and ice. It will not cover leaks or damage caused by typical wear and tear.