Personal Liability Insurance in Amherst, MA

Home and Auto

We live in a society where lawsuits are quite common. If you think you are immune to a personal liability lawsuit, think again.

Auto, tenants and homeowners policies include personal liability coverage. Policy limits can vary, depending on a client’s choice and the amount of protection needed. Often, clients choose lower limits without realizing that higher limits are available at a very reasonable cost.

Why are higher limits advisable? The cost of legal defense and judgments can be an enormous hardship for anyone to assume. The peace of mind gained from protecting your hard-earned assets, your home and even your paycheck in the event that a catastrophic situation arises is well worth the minimal added cost.

If you are concerned that your underlying liability limits on your auto, tenants or homeowners policy might be exhausted, then a personal umbrella policy may be what you need. An umbrella policy, just as it sounds, provides additional liability coverage over and above your primary limits. A typical umbrella policy provides $1 million of coverage; however, Amherst Insurance can provide limits in higher amounts.

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