New Massachusetts Distracted Driving Law

With distracted driving a growing problem, Massachusetts has passed a new law banning the use of handheld electronic devices while driving, barring looking at text, videos or images while driving. Drivers may continue to use electronics in “hands-free” mode. The law goes into effect on February 23, with a grace period for violations until MarchRead More

Winter Car Tips

Road salt, pressure changes, and snow can all take a toll on your car. Below is a collection of tips to keep your car in tip-top shape this winter!   Switch your tires: Whether or not you live in a snowy area, winter tires are designed for use in weather that falls below 45 degrees.Read More

Preventing Wildlife Collisions

October to December are peak months for animal collisions in the United States. Deer are the most commonly hit animal, followed by moose and elk. Approximately 1.9 million animal-vehicle collisions occur each year, with the average damage totaling $3,305.   Here are tips for minimizing animal collisions.   Heed yellow animal caution signs and driveRead More

Fireplace, Heating Devices and Wood, Coal and Pellet Stove Safety

Here are a few fireplace and heating device safety tips:   Keep a glass or metal screen in front of the fireplace to prevent embers or sparks jumping out. Do not burn paper in your fireplace. Put the fire out before you go to sleep or leave your home. Put ashes in a metal containerRead More

What You Need to Know About Real IDs

  The REAL ID program serves to create more secure issuance of identification. Beginning on October 1, 2020, you will need to show a REAL ID-compliant license, valid passport or other acceptable form of federal identification to board a plane or enter a federal building. A standard license will no longer be an acceptable form of federalRead More

What is a Deductible: The Basics and Examples

In the simplest terms, an insurance deductible is the amount of money you will pay before the insurance kicks in and the company pays you out. Once you pay the amount, the company will pay the rest of the claim up to the limit of the policy, whatever that limit may be. Deductibles can getRead More

Why Did Your Auto Insurance Rate Go Up?

If you’re a good driver it can be very frustrating to see your auto insurance to go up. You’ve never filed a claim, or had anything major happen; the biggest difference between this year and the last is that your car is a year older. Why is your insurance going up? The two elements thatRead More

The Relationship Business

  The Nathan Agencies have been in “The Relationship Business” since 1969 Co-Owners Anna Holhut and Glenn Allan   The various names can be confusing at first, but make no mistake, the two divisions that make up the Nathan Agencies — Amherst Insurance Agency and Amherst Financial Services — are all about making things clear,Read More

Is Your Student Covered on Campus?

As college campuses come back to life this month with students moving into the dorms, registering for classes and enjoying freedom away from home, they’re probably not giving much thought to car and property insurance. Morgan Martini certainly wasn’t, and she paid a price. She went to brunch with her friends and returned to aRead More

Protect Your Home Against Break-Ins

Between youth out of school and summer vacations, home thefts rise in the summer. Most burglaries take place between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. One in 36 homes are burglarized annually. Here are some theft prevention tips: Lock doors and windows.Seems obvious, but thieves aren’t shy about checking to see if your doors are lockedRead More