Why Did Your Auto Insurance Rate Go Up?

If you’re a good driver it can be very frustrating to see your auto insurance to go up. You’ve never filed a claim, or had anything major happen; the biggest difference between this year and the last is that your car is a year older. Why is your insurance going up? The two elements thatRead More

The Relationship Business

  The Nathan Agencies have been in “The Relationship Business” since 1969 Co-Owners Anna Holhut and Glenn Allan   The various names can be confusing at first, but make no mistake, the two divisions that make up the Nathan Agencies — Amherst Insurance Agency and Amherst Financial Services — are all about making things clear,Read More

Is Your Student Covered on Campus?

As college campuses come back to life this month with students moving into the dorms, registering for classes and enjoying freedom away from home, they’re probably not giving much thought to car and property insurance. Morgan Martini certainly wasn’t, and she paid a price. She went to brunch with her friends and returned to aRead More

Protect Your Home Against Break-Ins

Between youth out of school and summer vacations, home thefts rise in the summer. Most burglaries take place between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. One in 36 homes are burglarized annually. Here are some theft prevention tips: Lock doors and windows.Seems obvious, but thieves aren’t shy about checking to see if your doors are lockedRead More

Summer Safety: 5 Tips to Keep Your Teens Safe

Better overall weather, increased daylight hours, and more relaxed schedules translates to safer driving conditions, right? Wrong. Although two in three drivers will tell you they feel safer while driving during the summer months due to the reasons listed above, there is an even greater likelihood that accidents could occur, especially for drivers 16-20. With summer recessRead More

Spring Driving Tips

Spring is around the corner! And with it comes more things to watch out for while you’re on the road. Check out these tips for safer spring driving. Keep your car road-ready: Replace your windshield wipers if they are more than 6-12 months old, or if they are leaving streaks. Check your tire pressure. AirRead More

Does my insurance provide coverage if I rent a car?

When your customers rent a car, the rental company will usually offer them liability and damage coverage through their insurance that can be purchased from the rental company. It isn’t always necessary to purchase this coverage, as most standard auto policies extend their coverage limits to any vehicle driven on occasion by the insured. WhetherRead More

7 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall is the perfect time to perform important maintenance to your home so you’re not caught in the middle of winter with a drafty house or a malfunctioning heater.  We’ve compiled the top eight fall home maintenance tips, along with what you can do to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable this winter.  Read More

Autumn Leaves Present Driving Hazards

In the Fall, leaves are beautiful to see, but when wet or in piles, they present driving hazards unique to the season. Prepare for fall driving conditions by having your vehicles’ tires, brakes and wipers checked before heading out. Most motorists know that puddles or standing water can cause loss of control, and adjust drivingRead More

Summer’s End is Around the Corner, But Its Heat is Still Upon Us.

Summer. Now you see it: now it’s almost over. It might be time to buy backpacks and binders, but hot summer days are still very real. Amherst Insurance recommends taking some extra steps to ensure all your summer vacation memories are good ones. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind while the heat’sRead More